Awaken the conscience of the debtor spells


1 photo of your debtor
1 black pen


There is an effective way to get your debtor to pay you. Conscience (even if it previously unobserved at your friend's) or circumstances make it easy for you to come and give what he (she) should.

Spell Casting

You draw it runoskript on a photo of your debtor: It will help determine how the debtor should the money - give much, but no more. This runoskript is suitable for recovery of debts to creditors, obtaining debt, but also for the return of different things (the material), including just lost. A picture of this can be found at the bottom.

On the reverse side of the picture you write, the name of your debtor, his date of birth and your requirement to return the money (specify amount). way to specify the period during which the money must be returned (at least 1 week).

Runeskript consists of Runes: Thurisaz-Nauthiz_Fehu(inverted, mirror)-Gebo. After repayment of the debt. burn photos with thanks to the Gods of the Northern.
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