Money spell


1 small cardboard box
1 plastic egg from Kinder Surprise
1 warm cloth or cotton wool
1 hotty
1 gold leaf
1 money banknote
-Your Wallet


"The hen that lays "golden eggs"

Spell Casting

For this ritual will produce an incubator.
Take any box. With love anything is lined with a warm. Put back the "golden egg".
Eggs are preparing in advance. Take the inner box from the kinder-surprise. Inside the egg is laid etgo largest banknote. Locked, you can even wrap it with gold foil. put the egg in a box and cover the hot-water bottle on top (not electric). close the box lid.
after 3 days, you can hatch money "chicken" (money bill) from the egg. Put this money bill in your wallet, with the words: "Chicken in a purse planting, to communicate it authorize the money!".
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