Sleep Protection


2 candles ( preferably white for me for white magic but it doesnt matter )
A lighter
A bowl or cup of water


This spell will protect you while you sleep.

Spell Casting

1. Take some of the salt and put it in the water and stir it.
2. Wet the tips of your fingers with the salted water, and flick it around the area you will be sleeping in ( COMPLETELY around the area ).
3. Now place your candles somewhere inside the circle of salted water, and while lighting them say this, "God and goddess protect through the night against any evil being. Let this flame burn away any dreams of bad and bring good. Let this salt bring peace and keep out any evil beings. Let ths water cleanse the area of any evil. Now go if you will. Stay if you must. All you must know is you have my trust."
4. Now go to sleep and I hope you get a good nights rest.
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again,
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