Listen To the Voices of Nature




This spell is to listen to what nature has to say. In other words, hear the Earth "speak." It's an ancient spell passed down to me, and easy to do, but requires practice.

Spell Casting

To do this, you must be outside or around factors of nature such as trees, grass, shrubs and other various plants. However, this does require experience with meditation. You don't have to be an expert at it, but just good enough so you can relax your mind...
One: Meditate. Focus on the natural sounds around you.
Two: Focus on what you hear, what you feel, and what you smell.
Three: Think about the Earth and all that goes on around it. What animals inhabit it, the weather, etc.
Four: Listen, listen, listen, as hard as you can.
Five: Be patient, it might take a minute from here.
You should be able to hear something inside of mind, or maybe even see images. Good luck, and hope this provides a good experience for you!
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