Door Protection/Shield


Three Tealight candles (Red)or(white)or Both
Red sand
•Bay Leaf
Incense (jasmine)


Cast this spell to protect yourself.

Spell Casting

First crush and mix the herbs in a bowl of choice, then add the sand and salt, whilst doing this say a prayer of choice asking for a blessing and take minute to focus on the task at hand.

Next light the incense and place it of the left when facing the door. Now lay a line of the sand and herbs across the door, you can lay it in the door frame or even under the carpet or mat by the door.

After this lay the three candles across the doorway, picking up the incense draw and visualise a protective symbol of choice a cross the door etc. And as doing so chant:

"Bless this home property of me
Protect and guard this doorway
By the powers of three
Powers of three
Powers of three"

"May I will a shield
Of steel and strength
To shield me from those of cruel intent
Banish those who mean me harm
If not invited you shall not pass"

Leave the candles by the door to burn, its advised to put the candles on a heat mat or something like that so that the tealights don't burn the carpet.
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