Dream Tower/Spirit Column


5/6 round, small containers(bottle caps work well)
A large clear stone
4 black stones
5 small clear stones
4 stones of garnet
Tea grounds
Whisper Powder(check my profile for the ingredients/spell)
The Dream Tower Pentagram(my profile picture)
A candle


This spell is used to build a Dream Tower or Spirit Column. They can be used for many things, depending on ingredients. This one's specifically for good dreams and protection.

Spell Casting

First, draw a large Dream Tower Pentagram. Place one container on the symbols of each arm and put the candle in the center. Light the candle. Put salt in the container on the upper right point. Place all of the stones in the container on the upper left. The rosemary goes in the bottom left, garlic in the bottom right. Mix the tea and Whisper Powder in the top container. If your using 6 containers, set the sixth to the side for later. Chant the words "Lat Ganore" over the materials and picture good thoughts being pulled into the pieces and dark thoughts being locked away or destroyed in the flames. Begin assembling the parts, putting stones on the bottom, then salt, the garlic, rosemary, and last the tea and Whisper Powder. If you are using 6 containers use the last to cap the tower. Make sure to seal these so nothing falls out. To finish it off, draw the symbol for protection or dreams, however you picture it. Place it somewhere near the bed of whomever is to be effected by the tower. It should help. Please feel free to message me with any questions or comments.

(I made one of these for a friend and she said it worked great)
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