Choose Your Team


Concentration (Not required but it makes the spell more powerful)


In Physical Education you get assembled into sets, teams in matchs etc. This is a spell to choose who you want to go with.

Spell Casting

First, think of the team you want to join. E.g. "Team A." Depends on what your teacher names the teams. Then look at the team and say;
"Witches hear me, Let me join [Team Name or just say 'This team']".

This also works if you want to partner up with a friend, just say this if he gets aggresive;
"Witches hear me, let me partner up with [The name of friend]".

You can change 'Witches hear me' to 'God'. Not; 'God hear me' only 'God'.

This works, just Concentrate if it doesn't work in the first time.
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