Vampire Spell to become a vampire.


1. A piece of papper (or anything that can be wrote on).
2. Night time.
3. Be alone.
4. Nothing.


This spell turns the one that does this spell a vampire.

Spell Casting

You write on a piece of papper (or anything u can write on) the wishes u want to have once your a vampire. Then u say this five times.

"Dark of the night make me what i want to be make me a vampire. Blood cravings shall come plus also fangs. Pale skin be so white. This is my will so mote it be."

U say that five times at night can be inside but u can do it outside.

Itll take about three hours or it could take a week. Depends on the type of person u are.

Side effects: sore throat, dizzyness, tired during the day wide awake at night, blood cravings, fangs.

Good luck.
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