To Bring About Compromise


1 White candle
Matches or a Lighter


To bring about compromise. This spell allows the witch to create a compromise in his or her life regarding any area where compromise is needed.

Spell Casting

To perform this spell, light the candle and ask that only the most benevolent spirits of compromise and agreements come forth and be present in your Magick working. Give thanks to these spirits. Next, while thinking of the situation in which you need a compromise, chant:

Through ( their minds / his / her mind ) send,
Compliant thoughts, and kindness lend,
To ( their hearts / his / her heart ), decisions mend.
From pure lies, a compromise rend".

If you performed the spell correctly, the flame on the candle should do something very forward to let you know that the spell has indeed taken effect.

For instance: one example would be if the flame dims, completely canceling the reflection of the flame's light on the candle's surface, and then comes back alive to resume all candle light, both reflective and otherwise, then that would be a definite sign from above that your spell has taken effect.
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