For When You Wish to Travel


4 Dandelion with full white seeded heads
Small Pouch


For planning a trip to a chosen destination.

Spell Casting

* Find four dandelion clocks with full, white seedheads, and carry them in a small neck or waist pouch to the top of a hill.

* Using a compass, find the direction of your chosen destination and, facing it, say:

North, South, East, West, take me where I love the best - [name the place].

* Spin round nine times deosil, saying:

far from home, may I roam, Far to fly, o'er sea or sky.

* Now open your purse and blow the dandelions clocks, one for each direction, beginning with your chosen one, saying:

Fly far, fly free, 'cross land and sea, With you I go, Let it be so.

* Finally, run or walk fast down the hill, reciting the name of your chosen destination as a mantra.

* When you get home, make a step, however small, towards planning your trip.
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