Sacred Space Purification


Small cook pot of aromatherapy bowl
Blessed water
1 star anise
1 bay leaf
1 tsp sage
Burner or tealight heat source


A spell to purge negativity and bad elements.

Spell Casting

Consecrate the bowl or pot by passing it through the smoke of frankincense and sprinkling blessed water on it. Say: "I consecrate this vessle to aid in my craft. The spell I now weave will take hold at last!"

Heat the spring water in the bowl or pot over the burner until the water is boiling hot. Add the star anise as you say "Let all negativity be deflected from this place". Now add the bay leaf as you say "As the scent of this leaf moves around this place, may it become a purified sacred space". Add the sage as you say " Through sage, I now make this spell manifest. That with peace and protection, this space is blessed".
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