Bigger Breasts




A spell which creates a magical mud which will cause breasts to grow larger.

Spell Casting

Put the water in the bowl and sprinkle in the dirt while repeating the following:

Create a mud, a sticky mess,
In its purpose I must confess,
To grow and swell and not depress,
All that seeks to fill a dress.

You will need as much dirt to make a thick mud in the bowl. Once you have the mud (stir it while you sprinkle in dirt as needed) the magical mud is complete, and anyone who spreads the mud on their chest will have their breasts grow.

An alternative way of casting this spell is to place a necklace in the water and then do the spell. Once done you can rinse the mud off the necklace and wear the necklace. The more someone wears the necklace, the more their breasts will grow.
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