Send Me a Sign


Some fresh Mint branches
Altaea roots
A glass of water
A white, haint blue or purple candle
A piece of virgin paper or parchment
A fireproof dish or censer
A Blue tourmaline or fasceted quartz crystal


Spell for signs, omens and guidance in times of need.

Spell Casting

If You have some soothing oil on hand, dress the candle though, that is optional. You can inscribe the candle with Elven star.

Place the fireproof dish between candle, glass of water and Mint and Althaea roots, placing them so they form a Triangle around the Censer/dish . On the paper, write Your question as concise and clear as possible ! Light the candle, then set the paper parchment on fire , and holding the crystal in one, and paper/parchment in other hand and as it burns say:

"I beseech signs from above,
I seek solution
So into through these flames
I send my petition
Guiding spirits, hear my plea
Send signs and omens now to me
End my confusion , bring tranquility
Bless me with Wisdom and with Clarity."

Save the ashes, and then release them in the wind outside. Carry the crystal with You, and be perceptive.
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