Everlasting Love


2x pink candles
2x red candles
2x white candles
1x white sage incense
1x love/love potion incense
1x red rose
1x pink rose
1x dark red rose
1x jar
Something that belongs to lover


Bring about a love everlasting with this spell.

Spell Casting

First, lay your candles in a straight line with your lit incense nearby, and place the red rose in the centre of your altar. Chant: "This rose stands for love, which I will have with (name). 

Replace the red rose with the white rose and chant: "This rose stands for purity, which our love will be".

Replace the white rose with the dark red rose and chant: "This rose stands for the courage that we will have".

Burn the item in the jar, then put the pink rose in after the fire dies out.

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