Make a Sun Charm


Some small thing depicting the sun


I have used this with a few charms for YEARS and it normally works. Keep in mind though that if you live somewhere that is not extremely sunny like I do it will not work every time if you over use it. Once or twice a week is it's max to stay strong.

Spell Casting

Take whatever small sun thing you have and place it between your hands and visualize bright sun-like lite coming from your hands and being absorbed by the charm. Then say this chant three times or in a mutable of three.

"Powers of the light I call.
To fill this charm with your power.
Let it bring me sun and warmth".

Since I never wrote it down the chant has change over the years for me by a few words but as long as you keep the energy flow that is the most impotent part.

Now you only need to do the chant part once but continue infusing your charm with energy every day for at least a week before it's ready to use and then how ever often you feel necessary after.

To use it, simply put on the necklaces if it's on a necklaces (if it is I suggest a cord length that lets the charm rest at hart level) or put the charm in your pocket. If needed hold it up to the sky and say "Sun! I call on you to shine today!" this is not always needed but it helps if the weather is being stubborn.
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