Paper (ignitable)
Pencil or pen
Fire (a lighter will do or any other flame source)


This spell banishes anything you want to banish it is very powerful but it depends on the casters ability of how potent it will be.

Spell Casting

First cast a protective circle of any kind you prefere then write the person, being, object or thoughts and so on that you want to banish on the paper. Then fold the paper 2 times over and then to the right.

Now say this spell 3 times (while doing so light the paper on fire meke sure you burn all of it): "Dark as the night
Light as the day make
Banish (thing) fade away
Let it be no more
So smote it be" 

if you have a god or godess you want ask for their blessing and protection do it now and then once all paper is burned bury it or just get rid of it.
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