Change your eye color!!! ( Actually works!)


A quiet morning
A candle the color you want your eyes to be (optional)


This little spell will change your eye color!! My eyes brown and they turned blue!!! It was really cool! Note: For me it only lasted a day, but you could always do it again! :)

Spell Casting

This spell will have your eyes turn into another color(lasts one day).It will work best in the morning, because it'll have more time to change and when they finally do change color it won't be ten at night:D. If your using a candle, light it. Then sit down, meditate for a bit, and chillax :). Then fill your mind with the color your eyes are currently, and concentrate on that color for about a minute or two. Then visualize the color going into a bright white light. Then, picture the light becoming the color you want your eyes to be. While picturing this, chant "become of me" 3x. Do this process two more times, and your eyes will change throughout the day. Blessed Be!!! :D
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