Protecting Children Against Bullying


Small clear quartz crystals
Small pink candles


Protect any child or adult from bullies.

Spell Casting

Create a featureless image of clay to represent your child (or anyone you wish to protect - this could be your partner who is being bullied at work by an over-critical boss). Cover the image with tiny, clear quartz crystals - these are empowering as well as protective. Set a ring of pink candles around the image.

Gently breathe in the light and blow it out around the image, creating a protective pink sphere as you exhale. When you have done this, extinguish the candles one by one, sending the light into the clay, saying: "

Stand symbol for my child (or partner). Protect him/her with love and light from all who would do harm".

Wrap the image in soft cotton wool or pink cloth and with a pink ribbon tie the cloth with three knots, saying: "
I bind thee in security, from all who would bring harm to thee, cocooned in peace and harmony".
Keep the image very safely in a drawer with soft, fluffy clothes. If the problem still persists when the clay crumbles, make another image and carry out the spell again, if necessary using golden candles for stronger protection.
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