Money Protection Spell


One green or gold candle.
One yellow candle.
A coin
A large bowl with a lid with holes.


This is a spell to protect your money. It should also be done at night of a full moon. It has helped me.

Spell Casting


1. Go out side with the materials needed.
2. Take your green [or gold] candle and light it.
3. Take a large bowl [with a lid that has holes] and put your the lit green candle in it.
4. Cover your bowl with the lid and place the coin on one of the holes.
[The smoke from the holes will go around and surround the coin]
5. As the smoke keeps on going around the coin, chant the following:
"Money gain,
No money lost,
Let me gain,
Let it be,
Bring me more,
So Mote it be"
6. Take the lid off.
7. Keep your candle lit and put the yellow candle in the same bowl.
8. Light the yellow candle.
9. Put the lid back on with the coin.
10. Say the prayer below to the Goddess of protection.
"Goddess of protection,
Please help me,
Protect the money you see,
And let it be, Thank you."
[Make sure you really mean it. If you just mutter it or say it without thinking then it shows your not careing.]
11. Blow out the candles and wait for the smoke to vanish.
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