Banishing A Person


Black candle
Picture of the person to be banished obtainable*
Piece of paper


Use this spell to get an unwanted person to leave (you alone).

Spell Casting

Use a black candle, with a picture of the person (if
obtainable) placed underneath, also place a piece of paper
with the person's name on it.

Anoint the candle with oil for banishing. Burn for nine nights. Put the candle flame out, just don't blow it out. On the last night let the
candle burn all the way out.

Each night you burn the candle, meditate and focus
on the aim in mind. Imagine and see the person
leaving you alone; imagine and see their wrongs they have done to you turning
back onto them selves. Do this for about 5 minutes each night, or for as long as you feel you should.

When the spell is completes, properly dispose of all tools used.
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