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Shielding is one of the most important tools any witch, mage, sorcerer, necromancer etc. has at their call. Shields not only protect from enemy attack but can protect from your own mistakes. Furthermore not only can you use them to protect yourself but others and inanimate objects as well.

To cast a shield you must first make sure you are properly grounded and stable. Calm yourself, meditate until you find yourself calm then delve deep into yourself till you find your center. Then drawing straight down find the line tying your center to the earth and imagine it strengthening till you feel as if you are immovable. Strong. Now gather up your energies and slowly push them out evenly around your body until you have the shape you desire.(most people prefer a sort of bubble shape but there are some who have more form fitting shields)

Once you have your shields in place you need to tie them to their source. Visualize yourself pulling a line of power from yourself and "tying" it into the shields providing them with constant energy. Now you have your shields it's time to talk about what type of shields you need.

Shields can be made to react to attack in about any way you can imagine they are literally limited only by your creativity. The typical types are:

  • Wall: Literall a hard shell protection. Simply visualize the shields solidifing around you creating an inpenatrable wall closing you in and keeping you safe.
  • Reflective: A lighter shield this shield must stay fluid the energyies constantly fluid while the outer surface takes on a mirrored look causing any energy to hit it be reflected out and away from you.
  • Transmutative: This shield while still a protection around you the "bubble" forms alomost a black hole exterior that when attacked simply absorbs the energy and uses it to fuel itself. This is normally used as a supplemental shield underneath a larger stronger barrier.** This is highly advanced I strongly suggest getting detailed instruction from myself or someone knowledgable before using this type.**
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