Three Leaves Protection


A Strong Mind
1 Cotton Herb Bag
4 Oak Leaves
16 Red Roses Petals
3 Drops Of Lavender Oil.


A basic ritual/spell which requires a-few normal house-hold ingredients, from my BOS.

Spell Casting

Clean both the rose petals and oak leaves in water, drying them softly with a towel. Place the rose petals into a small pot, adding the lavender oil - speaking softly.


"I ignite the elements of earth with the element of water, for here I ask for guidance over the next couple of nights, ahead."


- Move the petals and oak leaves into the cotton bag, closing the top of it with some string - Speaking softly:


"Here I beg of you (god or goddess) for protection, by binding two of these elements, I plead for attention and protection, let my dreams and nightmares become calm, and flow with tranquility."


Place the bag in your pillow case with the rose and oak leaves inside.
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