Demeter's Blessing


1 Green candle
1 A4 picture of a Cornucopia
1 Small sheaf of wheat
1 Bunch of grapes
1 Apple
2 Plums
1 Orange
1 Spade
1 Bowl


This is a spell for calling upon Demeter in order to ask her to bless your land, plants, crops, etc. Doing so will encourage fertility and good growth.

Spell Casting

Demeter is the goddess of the forest, Earth and harvest, who presided over grains and the fertility of the earth in Greek mythology. Demeter was often called in prayer when a farmer or landowner wanted his land to be blessed, to ensure fertility and his plants/crops to thrive.

In this spell, you can call upon her to bless your land, your garden, or even something as small as a potted plant. Any form of land or plant life that you wish to thrive.

Firstly, light your green candle. Green is used to represent prosperity, wealth, nature and luck.

The picture of the cornucopia can be printed off Google, or you can take a picture of a cornucopia you may have physically. If you like, you could even draw it if you have good artistic skills. The cornucopia is used as it is one of Demeter's symbols, as it represents abundance and nourishment.

Place the picture of the cornucopia in front of the green candle. Once you have done so, grab your mini sheaf of wheat and place it on the *left* hand side of the paper- it must be on the left side. Then, gather your bunch of grapes, apple, orange and two plums and place them on the *right* side of the picture. After that, chant:

''Demeter, Demeter!
Great goddess of the harvest, forests and Earth,
I call you to kindly ask your blessing on ______. (the matter you want to be blessed).

I possess the image of the cornucopia in your honor, to represent abundance.

I possess a sheaf of wheat in your honor, to represent fertility.

I possess a green candle in your honor, to represent prosperity, the Earth and luck.

O' Demeter, I request of you to bless this sheaf of wheat, and when I scatter the ashes of it upon ______, may my _______ be blessed for abundance equally. With your blessing let my ______ thrive!
In return, I offer you the fruit, and my eternal thanks.''

Once you have finished the chant, place the sheaf of wheat in a bowl (you may cut it up to fit), and hold the candle over it. Let the wax of the candle drip on to the wheat for a few seconds.

Next, set the wheat alight using the candle. Make sure all of the wheat has turned into ashes once the flame has burned out.

After that, go outside (taking your bowl of wheat ashes, fruit to offer and spade with you). Using your spade, dig a small hole in the ground, and lower your fruit into the hole. Then, cover it up with the matter that you dug up. Say:

''Demeter, I offer this fruit to you in thanks for your blessing.''
Once you feel you have been acknowledged (you may repeat the chant slowly until you feel you have been so), leave the area that you have just put the fruit in.

Now, using your ashes of wheat, scatter the ashes on the plantlife of crops you want blessing. If it is a small, potted plant, scatter the ashes over the plant and into the pot. However, if this is a large area of land that all the ashes cannot cover, throw the ashes in the air around the area. Proclaim:

''Let the ashes that Demeter has kindly blessed ensure abundance, survival and that my ____ thrive. I thank Demeter, and she is in my favor eternally.''


*_____ Represents the matter you wish to be blessed, insert the name of the matter in the place of where you see this.*
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