Simple Healing Spell


Hair or other link of sick person
Blue candle
Cone Healing incense
Blue bowl


This is a simple healing spell. I came up with it on tye spot when my dog ate half a chocolate bunny, the spell worked on my dog but I have never used it on a human but I made it so it coukd work on any animal.

Spell Casting

Take the ingrediants to a dark closet. Set the link into the bowl. Light the candle and put it into the bowl also. Make sure the link is completely exposed to the light. Light the incense with the candle and cense the link with it, then set the incense into the bowl but dont let it touch the link. Say a personal prayer to the health spirit of your choice askimg the spirit to heal the person. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. Next leave the bowl in the closet amd let th candle and incense burn out overnight.
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