Burn Away Habits


• A heat-proof dish
• Something to represent your habit/obsession
• Charcoal tablet
• Chunks of frankincense resin


Use the power of fire to burn away bad habits, obsessions or addictions. You can also use this spell to break a connection with someone, like an ex you can't let go of.

Spell Casting

It works best if you choose an object to represent your bad habit that is small and flammable. Written notes, receipts, photographs and things like that work best. If you can do this spell on the night of the new (dark) moon, it will have more power.

Sit with your supplies at your altar, and concentrate on the item representing the thing you want to get rid of. Visualize all the negative things about this obsession and how badly you want to free yourself from it. Light in on fire, and let it burn out in the dish. On top of the ashes, set your charcoal tablet (the kind meant for incense, not the BBQ). Light the charcoal, and set several chunks of resin incense on it once lit. It may be a bit smoky, so open a nearby window if necessary. Let it burn out on its own.

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