Freyr's Prosperity


A green candle
A black candle
Yellow cloth
Heads of grain
Some type of greenery


A spell to call upon Freyr to ask for prosperity wherever you feel that you need it.

Spell Casting

Begin by setting the yellow cloth down on a flat and sturdy surface. Place the green candle on the right-hand side and the black candle on the left-hand side. Slowly light each candle and sit quietly for a moment. Begin to picture Freyr in your mind, calling to him. Sit in this position until you are comfortable, relaxed, and ready to move on.

The grain and greenery should then be placed in the middle between the two candles. As you are placing it, say: "Freyr, helper of human-kind and lord of the harvest, accept my offering to you!" Meditate for a moment, and when you feel the offering has been accepted- move on.

Pick up the antlers and raise them slightly above your head. "Father of fertile fields, golden-haired one: hear my plea. Bring to me prosperity. Make all of my endeavors fruitful, and all negative things neutral. Make fertile all of my workings, and let my life be lived anew!" You may add specific things you are needing his help with in here. It's up to you.

When you are done, take the greenery outside and leave it somewhere for animals to eat. Thank Freyr for his help, and be on your way.
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