Vision Meditation


Your self
A quiet place


This isn't so much a spell as it is a practice, but it shows you a vision.

Spell Casting

Start by meditating in a quiet place. When you are relaxed and your mind is relatively clear, see your (spiritual) self sitting on top of a large body of water that expands as far as the eye can see. The water is clean and clear. Look down and see your reflection in the water. As you are sitting on the water, begin to move your upper body in a circular motion. The circles you make will start slow and small, but will gradually get faster and grow in range. As the speed and size grows you will begin to lose your self like you are slipping out of consciousness. After a short time you will go into a trance-like state. Shortly you will come back to consciousness and your circular motions will get slower and smaller until you stop. When you have completely stopped look at the water and what is reflected is the vision.
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