Gypsy's Luck Beginners


Calm Mind


This spell is one of the first real gypsy spells. I would no this book has been handed down in my famliy for years.

Spell Casting

This spell will only work on yourself and for as long as you stay calm
you can say this in your mind works quicker if spoken out loud.
Say sing or chant this 5 times for about
(10mins if thought)
(5mins if spoken)
Iask jesus to bless me for I know he's devinedI ask for the luck of a gypsy as long asI keep a calm mind.
(exstreamly) good luck
(being able to control luck)

(Warning will not work in gambleing situations)

Don't exspect results a.s.a.p becuse dares 2 resons it mite not work for you (1 thes spells have only been used by pure blood gypsy's for hundreds of years never by a non gypsy(2 you mite of sed it roung).

Sorry if my english spelling is bad im used to wrighting in my native tounge known as grom-a-ness gromanes thank you.
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