Money Spell


Full Moon(If youre astrological sign is cancer than it doesnt apply)
5 tealight candles
A Cauldron
An empty desk
A coin


This spell doesn't make you a fortune its for easing up things.

Spell Casting

1)Draw a pentagram on your empty table
2)Place your tealight candles on the each side and light them.
3)Place your cauldron in the middle and pour water.
4)When your cauldron is half full of water stop and turn of the lights and close the doors or windows the place has to be dead sealed.
5)Make sure that the light of the moon reflects on the water
6)Drop your coin in the middle of the cauldron.
7) Sweep your hand above the surface and chant

"Lovely Lady of the moon,bring to me your wealth right soon.
Fill my hand with silver and gold.All you give my purse can hold.„

Repeat this three times

Or you can right your own chant

Pour the water into the earth and keep the coin in your wallet keep it safe

•If you want a fortune than you must try pagan rituals

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