Meteor Spell


Picture of your enemy's house
Meteor rock
experience in magic
1 candle


This spell is really really really dangerous! This spell causes a meteor to crash on your enemy house! This spell is really black magick!

Spell Casting

Note: This spell can cause a meteor to crash at your enemy's house and can cause a horrible death!

1. Wait until you see the stars at night

2. Light the candle and take the picture of your enemy's house

3. Visulize space and imagine the planets,meteors,sun and galaxies

4. Take the meteor rock and put the picture of the enemy's house around the meteor rock

5. Say:


"Oh goddess of destruction, make a meteor crash on my crush,
let him suffer the horrible death, so mote it be!"



6. Put the picture of the enemy's house that is been rolled around the meteor rock on fire and quickly throw it up to the sky.
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