Dream Speak


A lot of concentration
Time (preferrably night hours)
Open mind
Belief (will not work with out it)
A crush
Your hands
Your voice (a whisper)


Allows you to talk to your crush through the astral plane. Through dreams. In this spell you'll learn to talk to the guy you like, and ask him if he likes you. He will think it is just a dream.

Spell Casting

First off, you'll need to sit with your legs crossed indian style. Then, take your left hand and press your forefinger to your lips to signal silence. Be in a quiet, dark room. Close your eyes and picture your crush. Make sure you include details (eye colors, freckles, moles, hair color, zits, dimples, etc.) Picture him for about three minutes. Then, picture him sitting in front of you. Talk to him. Reach out and pat his shoulder, touch his hand, be brave and touch his cheek. Tell him you love him and you have for a while. Break the ice. Then, ask him if he likes you back. If he says yes, but is not allowed to date, then tell him you'll wait until he is. Or if he says no, leave his mind. Next time you see him, act like nothing happend.
While imagining this going on, Whisper "I love you (persons name) three times and snap you fingers.
Then open your eyes. You just dream spoke to your crush!

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