Simple Runes


Something to write with
Something to write on
Translater or knowledge of Old Irish


This is a simple way of writing runes that anybody who dosn't have a translater, know Irish, and also know freemasons code, can decipher.

Spell Casting

Freemason's code is simple. To make a decoder, draw 2 lines down. Draw 2 going through it perpendicular. Write "A" in the top left corner, "B" to the right of it, and so on. Draw a new one when you get to "I". This one will have dots inside the boxes when you write the code. Continue throught the alphabet until you get to R. Then draw 2 large X's. Write S in the top of the first one, T below and to the left, U to the right of it, and V under it. Do the same with the next X, but with, you guessed it, dots in the open space.If you don't understand my confusing explanation, look it up.
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