Ravens Death Curse


3x raven feathers
17x black candles
1x picture of the intended
cauldron/ pot brought to the boil


Use this spell to curse someone.

Spell Casting

Take the candles and place them in a circle around you. Sit in the middle of it and say "as I light these candles let this ritual begin"

Place your hands on the ground in front of you and chant: "oh Raven by your feathers black, kill him in one quick attack" x3

Now run the raven feathers in turn around above the candles for each time you chant the words "infused be these feathers o' black, by my desire for this payback."

Now rise from your circle and go to your cauldron "o' raven black as night can be, summon thine essence here to me."

Place the feathers in the boiling water as you say "infuse, unfurl and mix good and well,
create a black power as I cast my spell!"

Now take each candle in turn and pour SEVEN drops of wax from each candle into the boiling water as you say "black on black, my powers to kill the one who dared cross me, this is divine will"

Fnally take his/her picture and drop it into the boiling water.
"Burn the skin scorch the flesh,
wipe away all that's left.
black on black, blood of red,
taunt them from within their head.
until life cannot be alive,
and then death, shall be revived."

Take the mixture you have created and pour it onto a patch of clear moonlight, and then close your circle, and end the ritual.

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