Control your Dreams


Your Mind


I don't believe in magic, but I do believe in the power of suggestion and ironically, the power of the mind. This spell helps you to dream of what you want to dream.

Spell Casting

Everyone has a dream, but sometimes we don't dream of what we want to dream. Follow these instructions and with your mind, you can create what you want to dream about.
1. The first step is to choose what you want to dream about. You could dream you are your fave character, you're dating your crush, you are standing up to a bully, etc.
2. Before you go to sleep, clear your mind of everything but that topic. Think to yourself 'I will do this tonight. I will be this tonight.'
3.When you fall asleep, be aware of your dream.
4. Keep a record of your dreams, and if you're a writer like me, write a story about them!
This is my first spell but I know it works because I tested it. If you have complaints or suggestions, please contact me.Thank you, and enjoy your dreams!!!
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