To Bind A Love To You


a red candle
a spool of red thread
a piece of paper or parchment
a red ink pen
a needle


This is a very simple spell that should be used with caution. It is used to bind another person romantically to you.

Spell Casting

First you must stick the needle through the wick of the red candle. Now light it. As it burns, focus on the flame while saying once:

"Needle in the flame, needle in the fire, pierce (his/her) thoughts, make (him/her) writhe, agonize if (him/her) heart turns from me."

Leave the candle to burn as you write on the piece of paper the name of your beloved. Fold this paper as small and then wrap the thread around it over and over and over while repeating this:

"I to you, you to me, (Name of your beloved), I bind you to my heart, faithful you will be. You will love none other, I bind you to me."

Keep going until you no longer see paper, only thread. Once you have finished, you must take the candle and pour the hot wax to seal the paper and thread. Once this is completed you must blow out the candle and remove the needle. Stick the needle through the charm and finish the spell by saying:

"As I will it, so it shall be."
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