Banish Evil People


1 paper
1 picture of the person
2 pebbles, stones, crystals, etc
Salt water


This spell is for beginners to intermediate witches who need someone out of their lives. (:

Spell Casting

Stare at the picture and say:
"Bind the evil,
for she/he's the devil,
sear her/his memory,
bound in flames of ebony,
the power shall no longer flame,
when his/her name is spoken,
banish them long and far,
until they reach the morning star,
find and destroy this evil,
for he/she behaves of the devil".

Place one stone on either side of the photo and write BANISH on the paper. Put the paper and the photo in the salt water over night and for the next week to 3 weeks the person will be banished away from you.
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