The Easy Apple Spell


An apple
A bolline


Those who are looking not just for new love but for a hint as to who that person will be, and who are short of time, could try this quick and simple spell.

Spell Casting

Invoke the four elements in a quicker way than usual by standing before your altar and saying:
Spirits of the element be with me."
That done, peel the apple with the bolline, keeping the peel in one piece. Now, holding the peel in your right hand say:
"Spirits of love, spirits of good,
On you now I beg to intrude,
With this token to discover,
The initial of my one true lover,
And it harm none, so be it."
The words spoken, turn round three times widdershins then drop the peel over your left shoulder. The letter suggested by the peel forms when it lands on the ground is the initial letter of your soon-to-be-lover's first name
Thank the elements thus:
I thank you for your presence here."
The second was is to invite the elements in and peel the apple as above, but hang the peel above your front door before thanking the elements for being with you. The first person to enter your home will bear the same initials as your lover.
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