Rose Ariadne's Dreaming Secrets Ritual


Any crystal
A glass
Purified water
White sheets on your bed
A handkerchief
Crushed lettuce, Thyme,Yarrow or Rosewood


For answers :) they will appear in your dream

Spell Casting

Step 1:- Sit on your bed int he still of the evening, close your eyes, and think deeply about your single most important question, problem or desire.

Step 2:- During a waxing or full moon place your crystal into a glass of purified water.

step 3:- Leave the glass on the windowsill over night, make sure the moonlight hits it.

Step 4:- On the next night , place your lettuce, thyme, yarrow, or wormwood in the handkerchief and wrap it up.

Step 5:-Put the white sheets on your bed (make sure they are clean), and sprinkle the 'lunar water' you prepared the night before on them.

Step 6:- Hold up the wrapped handkerchief and concentrate, once again on the question, problem, or desire you have.

Stp 7:- Then think about the type of dream you'd like to have. Adventure? Flying? Love? Begin to 'see' your dream in your mind.

Step 8:- Place the wrapped handkerchief within your pillowcase . As you sleep, visualize the type of dream you'd like to have as if you were watching a movie.

Once you sleep, the dream you are visualizing will actually occur, or you will have a different (but still wonderful) dream.

In either case, there will be answers in your dream.... and they'll correspond with your question, desire, or problem.

As soon as you wake up write everything you remember about your dream down. Your answers will be as clear as the day ahead.

This isn't my ritual it is Rose Ariadne's but I thought I'd share it with you all because it's a wonderful ritual. :)
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