Physically Change your Body


Seven Candles
Picture of what you want to look like
A Rock (for the element of earth)
Bowl of water(for the element of water)
Air Freshener(for the element of air)
One Candle
Lighter (for the element of fire)
Full length Mirror


Physically changes your body into the body you desire.

Spell Casting

1.Draw the circle
Put candles on each point and one on the element of fire and one in the middle.

2. Put the other elements in their spots
3. Put picture in the middle along with the candle
4. Then light the candles clockwise, but start at the bottom left point of the circle and end at the middle.
5. Chant these words ten times in front of a mirror for three daysin a row:


"My body isn't desirable it's not attractive.
I wish for my body to change into this by the power of three mote it be. my body is changing now my skin flows, see where it goes. see where it's morphing maybe watch my nosebythe power of three mote it be. mote it be. mote it be!!!"
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