Invoking The Mistress Of Blood


Sharp Blade
Human Blood (perferably you own)
A black candle (optional for focus)
An inverted Pentagram (optional for focus)


Invoke the aid of Sangiun, Mistress of blood

Spell Casting

This is a quick invoking spell so does not require a lot in the way of preparation.

1. If you require it draw an inverted pentagram on a table or alter and place the black candle in the center of this pentagram.

2. Looking down submissively either at the ground or the candles flame draw the blade across your palm and let the blood pool within your hand.

3. In a loud voice speak "Oh, Sanguin Mistress of Blood. Consort to thy Lord Lucifer, by the Shadows Blessing Lady of the Fields of Tartarus. Come forth and embrace thy childe."

4. Flick the pooled blood diagonally to the ground (or into the candle flame)

All endeavors of War or bloodshed will now be blessed by the Mistress of Blood
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