Draconic Fire


A fire
5 bones
Holy water (
A paper and ink pen


This spell, allows you to create a seeing fire. In other words, the fire will allow you to see almost anything. But, never stare into it for more than 10 minutes without looking away, blinking doesn't count as looking away!

Spell Casting

First, take the water, and make a circle according to the size of your fire. Then, take the bones, and place them together, with some wood. Now, light the fire, making sure it stays inside the circle ( if it doesn't, the spell will fail.) Then, write the name of the place, person, or object you wish to see. Now, write it in Latin, as Latin is very good for spells. Then, fold the paper into a square, a very small square. And drop it into the fire ( making sure the fire still stays within the circle, not even an ash can escape!) Now chant, "Invisos dimencialis cortilium serchaes!" and look deep into the fire, and will the object to be seen.

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