Money Drawing Spell


1 Green Candle
One Dollar Bill
White or Black String.


This spell should be cast if you're waiting money. It can be used for just having more money, but it works better if you're in a shortage of money.

Spell Casting

Tie the string around the one dollar bill while saying:

"With each swing of this string, my money will multiply by ten"

After you finish tying the string, place the green candle on a small plate. Place the dollar near the candle, but make sure no wax drips on the dollar, I recomend putting the candle in the middle of the plate and placing the dollar on one of the edges of the plate. Light the candle and say:

"With each flicker of the candle's flame, my money will multiply by five."

Now, let the candle burn until it's finished. If the candle's flame goes out quickly, it means the spell took a shorter time to take effect. The money will likely be given to you by a person. The money can also be found on the floor.

I hope the spell works for you. Blessings~
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