Banish Bad Memories


Yellow candles
A group of friends
A box of any shape, or size
A solar incense


Use to rid oneself of potentially damaging blocked, or denied memories and rid oneself of bad memories in general.

Spell Casting

The premise for this rite is that we all have blocked memories in ourselves: ones that we either won't, or can't face. They may include everything from being teased at school by our 'friends' to emotional, physical, or mental abuse by parents, loved ones, etc. You will need a group to perform this rite.

The purpose of this rite is to draw these hidden memories up into a closed box, open it in a manner similar to the Pandora myth, then meet, greet, and make peace with the memories. Resolving these issues with memories can be important, as they can be very detrimental to one's ego growth if kept hidden. Instead of finding hope in our boxes though, we will find acceptance, and peace with oneself, and one's past. This rite is good for anyone, even those who assume they have had perfect childhood's. You don't always realize the past is dragging you down until it is too late, and you would be amazed by what you can find out about yourself!

The box should have a lid. Paint the inside glossy black, or line it with an irregular reflective surface, such as aluminum foil. The outside should be decorated with any drawings, pictures, or whatever one may want to help evoke a childlike state of mind, and to help trigger childhood memories.

Start with an opening of any sort you feel comfortable with. Light candles and incense as desired. State the intent: "It is my will to greet my past, and accept it for what it is." Recite the invocation: "I call the past to meet the present, that the future may be bright. I bring myself forth from the dark, and hold me to the light. Let not the past control my present, let not my future be dark as night. I meet and greet me with open arms, and move back into the light."

At this point, one person sits in the center of the group with their box, keeping it closed. That person focuses on the box while the rest of the participants circle around, teasing, insulting,
degrading them. At this point, the teasing should not be too personal. When they reach gnosis, they open the box, and gaze inside. At this point, the taunting should reach a more personal, and vicious attitude.

This continues until they close their box again. The box then is dealt with in whatever manner the person sees fit. It can be destroyed, left open in a spot of sunlight, kept for future uses, as it may be a good idea to do this more than once. When the first person is finished, another takes their place, until the entire group has a turn. Banish by laughter and embraces.
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