Wedding Candles


A Male and Female Candle
One Pillar Candle
Wedding Clothes for the Candles
Gardenia Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil
Petitgrain Essential Oil
Jasmine Essential Oil
Pine Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Tuberose Essential Oil.
Silk Scarf


If you already have a beloved but want them to ask you to marry them.

Spell Casting

Create a wedding alter, with decorations or photos for things you want at your wedding. Add a bride and groom from a wedding cake most resembling you two.

Carve your names circle with a heart your birthdays, astrological signs, and maybe the desired wedding date, into each candle.

Dress your single candle with as many of the oils as possible. Light the candle, focus on your goal as it burns. Once they've burned down, wrap all the wax in a silk scarf and put them in a safe place.
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