Make Yourself Irresitible


3 yellow candles
A rose
A dish
A toy lion
Orris Root
Cinnamon Stick
Yellow Ribbon
Reoli or Pentitgrain Essential Oils
White, Pink, or Gold Cloth


Invoke 3 ancient goddesses to gain some of their beauty.

Spell Casting

Carve into each candle Aphrodite, Circe and Oshun, one name to each candle and your name and birthday 3 times on each candle. say:

"Please Aphrodite, please Circe, please Oshun. Immerse me in your beauty, intelligence, and charm. Bearing your essence, I am irresistible."

Leave by each candle an offering; a rose for Aphrodite, a dish of honey taste it first for Circe, and a toy lion for Circe. Then draw a bah, smear honey on your body and soak in the warm water, visualize your desired self.

After getting out of the bath, take the Orris Root and Cinnamon Stick and anoint it with either Reoli or Petitgrain essential oil. tie them together with the yellow ribbon and wrap it in the cloth to carry with you as needed.
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