Traditional 'Vampire Becoming' Spell


All the Elements of The Pentagram
One of each elements, not everything here...
Fire- Candle, Wand or Picture of the Sun
Water- Wine, DriftWood or Sea Shells
Earth- A Pentagram, Soil or Man Made object (Wooden Toy)
Air- Insence, Leaves or Amethyst


How too get all the effects that vampires have.

Spell Casting

So basically, i have done this spell before, it works fairly well, the only bad thing about it is that it can make you get ill much easier so like.. you might catch a cold very easy... things like that, nothing really big.
Traditionally you would make all the elements by hand. But buying them does the exact same thing

Firstly, Put your items in a line. Remember you only need one thing of each element. You should only have 4 items.

Start with Fire, twirl your hand over the obect 3 times and say. 'With this element i may be cautious, it will guild me in times behind the moon."

Next the Water, Twirl your hand around your item of water 3 times and say. 'With this water i will nourish my body, still too drink it shall be, but not too much as it could harm. Let me still swim in your deapth lovely, i will still cherrish you, i will'

Next the Earth, Twirl your hand around the item 3 times and say 'Through you dear soil i travel afar, you guild my eagle eye, my pray on your lands, i will cover you in blood, too serve you my mother, i will'

Next the Air, Get your object and twirl your hand around it 3 times and say 'Tonight i will change, i will feel your wind, i will feel you press onto my lung, i will take flight in your wonderess delight, you are the thing the keeps me alive'

Put your hands together into a praying position, and then through them into the air like your giving something too the gods.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: There is no possible way too fully become a vampire, this is what you call a minor vampire, you will get all the affect of a vampire, your teeth may become stronger, you will burn in the sun a lot easier, your sleeping pattern may change, and you may become very alert too butcher shops and the meat section at your super market and enjoy the smell of the area. You will more then likely not want too shower often (make sure you do though). You may be more attractive too the human eye. Your smell too them will be appealing and your eye colour might change within the seasons.

Sleep and you will wake up... different.
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