Sexual Hurt


1 Red Rose
1 Condom
An item representing the person


Often used as a revenge spell for those who have been unfaithful. The end result should cause the target person discomfort in the external sexual organs.

Spell Casting

Sit alone in a room. Lighting must be dim (candlelight is optional although it has been reported that this does yield the best results) Peel the petals from the rose, as you chant the following: "Romance Blossomed. Romance Gone" Chant this once for each petal you peel.

Once the rose has had all its petals removed, take the item representing your target. Push it into the condom (until it is right at the top), and then insert the thorny rose stem. With each thorn, pierce the condom (take care not to cut yourself, not only will this hurt, but if your own blood comes into contact with any of the items this may have negative effects on you. My advice is if you cut yourself, destroy all the materials, perform a purging spell of your choice, abort the spell you were trying to do, and wait at least 24 hours before trying again).

For each thorn that pierces the condom, recite the following:
"For your evil,
For each Day,
For your evil,
You will pay".

Once all of the above is complete, seal the spell by shutting off all of the light completely, and reciting the following once only: "For whom has myself aggrieved: The damage is now achieved"

Stay silent for 5 seconds as a minimum (to be on the safe side, wait at least 10). You may now dispose of the materials as you wish, the spell should begin to take effect within a 1-2 week period, and should last anything from 2 days to a full lunar cycle.
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