Mirror Binding


Washable red marker
Picture of enemy


Spell to make things that are inflicted on you by an enemy happen to them.

Spell Casting

Go in front of a mirror and look at your self for a few minutes. Then tape a face picture full size on the mirror. Then chant as, you do to me, I do to you, 3x. The use red marker(ERASABLE!!!)and draw a penakle onhis/her forehead and do the same to yours(need be same size and spot). Then draw a short chain from the pentackle and draw your noame at the end(on picture). then draw the same on the penakle on your head but at the end put the enemys name. then chant, we are now bound, 3x and at the end say, so mote it be. Then wash your forehead with empowered water (just visualize a powerful light beaming into it and making it glow) then it should be done. this is very adanced magic and it may not work or go horribly wrong like everything that happens to your enemy happens to you or something ofthat sort. The binding is intact as the picture is and burning it is the safest way of desolving the binding as other ways may leave residual effects.

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