6 red candles
2 towels


Spell to curse your enime forever reverse)i wish to forgive i wish to forget the person has done rong so free him from this sin spell

Spell Casting

light the candles in a circle and place the towels in the middle sit on the towels (fold towels) and imagine the person you want to harm
once you have chosen the person say the following:i curse this person that has done rong i curse him with no laughter and no cheer all his friends break up and his gfs or bfs are silent he will live like this for the rest of his days!

it will take time may side effect on yourself like :

head aches,power flow,pain in the stomach,stormy weather in your head,bad dreams.and finally powers get lost till the spell works but it will be good when you have a force feild protecting you GOOD LUCK!!
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