Third Eye Spell


Stones from a river (1 Black, 1 Quarts)
Voodoo Potion 1 (Found in my spells)
Black Cloth, small
2 candles


A ancient spell from a dead Voodoo Priest I know.

Spell Casting

Now...Before I begin I'd like you to know where I Got both the Potion

Start by finding two stones, one black, one quarts from a river or moving body of water. Cleanse the stone first then lay them side by side on a black cloth after letting the rocks soak in the Voodoo potion in the sun for the day, and darkness for the night.

Sit with your leg crossed in front of your altar, back straight. Light the two candles on ether side of the potion. close your eyes and breathe in and out with the tip of your tongue on the line of your teeth. Repeat:


While picturing you running through the African forest. Imagine spirits of all kinds appearing before you, Ghosts, demons, Angels, Reapers, Faeries, Elves, anything you can think of that everyone says is unreal. Your third eye will let you see that aswell as see into the future.

hold the Quarts crystal to your third eye chant:

"Open vinnig is nou oop"

As you imagine your third eye slowly opening. Now put the black stone to your third eye and say:

"Seal. Seal. Seal."

you may get a headache
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